It’s Okay to Laugh!

Are you someone who finds humor in strange places?  Do you find it hard to take yourself seriously?  If so, you’re in the right place!  I will be writing about what I see, hear, and experience in a world largely centered around healthcare and illness. Some of it is funny, some sad, and some downright frustrating!  No matter the situation, I always ask myself two questions – What have I learned? and What GOOD came of this?

I started this blog to satisfy my own need to seek out the humor in what ‘should’ be a somber situation: my own failing health.  While some posts may have a serious tone, I prefer to laugh at my own expense.  Here are a few examples:

Since I’m telling these stories in no particular order, feel free to explore using the menus on the right.  Also, if you have ideas for topics, please let me know!  I love getting feedback!



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